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Downtown Vancouver Association | Yuri Artibise

Author: Yuri Artibise

Roundtable #1 Board: Housing & Affordability
Highlights from Roundtable 1: Housing & Affordability

Connecting the Dots: Towards a Transportation Referendum… On September 18, 2014, the DVA held the first in a series of  seven Metrocore Quilting workshops (or roundtables) looking at the connection between transportation and some of the key components of successful city-making. The goal is to generate a “quilt” of insights...

Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum

The Province of British Columbia has committed to a referendum asking the public to approve transportation investment in the Metro Vancouver region. The anticipated date for a vote is the spring of 2015. The outcome of the referendum is important for the DVA, as the...

DVA Quilt Gameboard
DVA Metrocore Quilt: Roundtable Schedule

With community in mind, the Downtown Vancouver Association (DVA) wants to canvas people from many backgrounds in order to ‘connect the dots’ on key urban issues. Our goal is to envision and enact a better working MetroCore for Vancouver. Our immediate aim is to identify...

Connecting the Dots on Transportation

To advance our thinking on potential transportation solutions in the MetroCore, the DVA will be hosting a series of MetroCore Quilting Roundtables this fall.  The series will have a common theme of ‘Connecting the Dots on Transportation’ with each individual event focusing on  one of the 7 key subject...

How can the DVA enable you to realize your aspirations for your City?

The DVA provides the means to enable member individuals and organizations to realize positive change within their communities through citizen engagement and professional facilitation. MetroCore Quilting Workshops We have established a successful track record of public engagement events known as the MetroCore Quilting Workshops. These public events...

Vancouver MetroCore
Defining Vancouver’s MetroCore
With over 50 years of experience in representing Vancouver’s downtown business community, the DVA is now advocating for sustainable city-making in Vancouver through promoting social diversity, economic resilience and urban innovation. In order to meet the needs and aspirations of a growing city centre, the DVA’s jurisdiction has expanded beyond the downtown peninsula to Burrard Street, 16th Ave. and Clark Drive.