How can the DVA enable you to realize your aspirations for your City?

The DVA provides the means to enable member individuals and organizations to realize positive change within their communities through citizen engagement and professional facilitation. MetroCore Quilting Workshops We have established a successful track record of public engagement events known as the MetroCore Quilting Workshops. These public events...

Vancouver MetroCore
Defining Vancouver’s MetroCore
With over 50 years of experience in representing Vancouver’s downtown business community, the DVA is now advocating for sustainable city-making in Vancouver through promoting social diversity, economic resilience and urban innovation. In order to meet the needs and aspirations of a growing city centre, the DVA’s jurisdiction has expanded beyond the downtown peninsula to Burrard Street, 16th Ave. and Clark Drive.
6th Ave Future Quilt – Ideas Expo

The Downtown Vancouver Association, in partnership with the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association, invite you to attend our 6th Ave Future Quilting Event on Saturday, November 16 to look towards possibilities and hopes of the 6th Avenue Corridor. The 6th Ave corridor, extending from Granville to...

The DVA’s West End Quilt

‘Sweat the small stuff’, that is what the future is being asked to do in the West End. The broad strokes of the West End have been drawn for as long as the traffic circles have been planted. This Big Picture has endured over several...