Highlights from Roundtable 1: Housing & Affordability

Roundtable #1 Board: Housing & Affordability

19 Sep Highlights from Roundtable 1: Housing & Affordability

Connecting the Dots: Towards a Transportation Referendum…

Group 1On September 18, 2014, the DVA held the first in a series of  seven Metrocore Quilting workshops (or roundtables) looking at the connection between transportation and some of the key components of successful city-making. The goal is to generate a “quilt” of insights leading to inform the development of a DVA advocacy strategy for the Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum, expected to be held in the spring of 2015.

…a housing and affordability perspective

The September 18th event brought together participants involved in various aspects of housing to explore the shared understanding between businesses and community organizations that can help us take effective action in improving transportation in Vancouver’s Metrocore.

Here are some of the key findings from the event.:

Key Takeaways: Housing & AffordabilityDVA Stetch - Housing & Affordability

  • Desire for new systems that break down divisions and barriers to thinking and innovation:
    • Diversity vs exclusivity;
    • How we talk and who’s in the conversation;
    • Multi-genrational;
    • Pro-active vs reactive: Allow input + change of control.
  • We need to value affordability systems rather than cash value of bare land transfer:
    • Who owns what and what form does it take?
    • Live close to work;
    • Quality of how you do it, not just what you do…
  • How we get “there” determines what “there” is:
    • Rethinking how we use the system—not adding to the system;
    • How we grow supports/diminishes infrastructure;
    • Develop local organic food supply chain;
    • Prioritize pedestrians and bikes;
    • Area is such a crossroads with real interdependencies.