DVA Directors Report – December 2015

DVA Directors Report  - December 2015 This time last year we thought we had done our heavy lifting.  But then the fun began!  We had determined that transportation was essential infrastructure like water, whose tap should not be choked off. We summarised that as transportation =...

DVA Metrocore Quilt: 2015 Roundtable Schedule

With community in mind, the Downtown Vancouver Association wants to canvass people from a diversity of backgrounds in order to ‘connect the dots’ on key urban issues. Our goal is to envision and enact a better working MetroCore for Vancouver. Our immediate aim is to...

Not Your Father’s DVA

Earlier thais week, Gordon Price,  the Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University—and a former City of Vancouver councillor—wrote a post on our Roundtable Round-up. In it, he reviews his main takeaways from the roundtables and shares a few of his thoughts on the...

Vancouver MetroCore
Defining Vancouver’s MetroCore
With over 50 years of experience in representing Vancouver’s downtown business community, the DVA is now advocating for sustainable city-making in Vancouver through promoting social diversity, economic resilience and urban innovation. In order to meet the needs and aspirations of a growing city centre, the DVA’s jurisdiction has expanded beyond the downtown peninsula to Burrard Street, 16th Ave. and Clark Drive.