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DVA Position on the Transportation Referendum

As an organization focused on the business of enhancing the downtown for all its communities, the Downtown Vancouver Association (DVA) brings together people from many backgrounds in order to "connect the dots" on key urban issues. With this in mind, during the autumn of 2014,...

Mobility as Essential Infrastructure [pm]
Mobility as Essential Infrastructure

One of the shared understandings to arise out of the DVA Metrocore Quilt roundtables was that there are three essential elements for an urban society: Water * Mobility * Society Without water, there is no habitation (nor food) Without mobility,there is no trade (exchange of labour nor material progress) Without society, there is no basis for...

Total Annual Taxpayer & External Costs
Metro Vancouver Mobility Subsidies

The hidden costs of transportation in Metro Vancouver Travelers pay a portion of their transportation costs: from an individual’s purchase of a bike, to a bridge toll paid by a trucking company, to a fare for a bus ride. Still, user payments do not cover the costs of...