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Northeast False Creek Workshop Response

DVA has consistently advocated meaningful streetscape connectivity as a primary element of any urban design proposition. Streets need consideration as activity and lingering places in addition to being passages that one traverses. We support the City’s aspiration for the new NEFC Streets to be “Great Streets”....

Highlights from Roundtable 3: Building Community in Vibrant Neighbourhoods

The DVA - Connecting the Dots: Towards Health and Wellbeing in our Communities… On November 26, 2015, the DVA held its third in a series of Metrocore Quilting roundtables exploring the connection between this year’s subject area Health and Wellbeing and some of the key components...

DVA Quilt board 3 - Vibrant Neighbourhoods
Highlights from Roundtable 3: Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Connecting the Dots: Towards a Transportation Referendum… On October 2, 2014, the DVA held its third in a series of seven Metrocore Quilting workshops (or roundtables) looking at the connection between transportation and some of the key components of successful city-making. The goal is to generate a “quilt” of insights...