6th Ave Future Quilt – Ideas Expo

16 Oct 6th Ave Future Quilt – Ideas Expo

The Downtown Vancouver Association, in partnership with the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association, invite you to attend our 6th Ave Future Quilting Event on Saturday, November 16 to look towards possibilities and hopes of the 6th Avenue Corridor.

The 6th Ave corridor, extending from Granville to Cambie, has long been a barrier, separating False Creek South from its neighbours.

The idea for the 6th Avenue Future Quilt project, borrows freely from a popular social activity of the 19th and 20th centuries, and remains popular today: the quilting bee.

A typical quilting bee produces a colorful bedspread, which is gifted beyond the group to a family in need, or, to an organization that is trying to raise money for something. In some cases the quilt is thought of as a piece of art, conveying a message, or political statement important to the group.

The 6th Avenue Future Quilt project, is very similar to the idea of a quilting bee: a group of people get together to exchange ideas, and work together to create something useful. Instead of cloth, printed pictures are used. The result is a collage of images that captures something that is beyond the personal experiences of each group member.

The paper quilts produced on November 16th can be used in a number of ways. If successful, each will contain an opinion or point of view of what the group loves, hates and aspires to with respect to the 6th Avenue corridor that borders our False Creek South neighbourhood. These opinions will be useful when we begin our conversation with the City of Vancouver about the future of our neighbourhood.

The quilts will also likely be visually interesting, and can lend themselves to interesting graphics for the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association website, street banners, newsletters and other community communication opportunities.

Above all, they will a tangible result of an activity, which brought a group of people together to further the conversation about our neighbourhood and the possibilities concerning its’ future.