Connecting the Dots: Towards Health and Wellbeing in our Communities…

23 Oct Connecting the Dots: Towards Health and Wellbeing in our Communities…

To advance our thinking on potential Health and Wellbeing solutions in Vancouver’s MetroCore, the Downtown Vancouver Association will be hosting a series of ‘MetroCore Quilting’ roundtables this fall. The MetroCore Quilting process looks at getting beyond limited perspectives and rhetoric to a deeper understanding of complex urban issues.

With the announcement of the intention by St. Paul’s Hospital to relocate from its Burrard Street site to a new Campus of Care in the False Creek Flats, we are reaching out to our members and friends to join us in thinking deeply about Health & Wellbeing as it relates to living, working, recreating and running a business in Vancouver’s MetroCore.


The Metrocore Quilting Roundtables will focus on a holistic approach to problem solving though the simple exercise of ‘connecting the dots’: by connecting the issues surrounding health and wellbeing with other key components of successful city-making.

Roundtables are the first step in the quilting process. They will be facilitated sessions, usually 60-90 minutes in length, that explore the overall topic from a strategic perspective. Each roundtable will be by invitation only and include six to ten thought leaders looking at the issue from a different perspective.

Without all the information, we are prone to ‘fear-based impulsive thinking’ –fast brain thinking. Instead we must opt for a holistic approach – slow brain thinking, in planning to improve our city.

At the end of the process, we create a ‘quilt’ of ten to twenty thoughtful images or photos that are ‘stitched’ together on our website to form a more complete ‘picture’ of a complex subject. The goal is to stimulate and encourage more insightful thinking.

If you are interested in getting involved, let us know! Email us at for more information.

Image: West End BIA