DVA Community Health and Well-Being Timeline 2015-2016

03 Sep DVA Community Health and Well-Being Timeline 2015-2016

November to December 2015, 7 Roundtables on Health & Well-Being through lens of each of 7 topics: Public Realm, Community, Economy, Food, Housing, Transportation, Substance Abuse. Since then the DVA process, in addition to monthly Board meetings, has been as follows:

December 10, 2015: DVA AGM and endorsement to follow-up roundtables with advocacy regarding Old & New St Paul’s Planning, with particular interest in larger context of community fit and outreach

January 6, 2016: DVA Roundtable Round Up – Overview of summaries from each roundtable

January 13: DVA Roundtable Round Up #2 – Strategizing on Health & Well Being follow up, briefing on City’s upcoming old and new St Paul’s Hospital Planning

January 20: DVA Attendance at City Council approval of St Paul’s Planning Program

March 8: DVA participation at City Open House on New St Paul’s Planning Principles

March 21: DVA meeting with Councillor Andrea Reimer

March 31: DVA participation at City Open House on False Creek Flats Planning

April 20: DVA Workshop with City St Paul’s, False Creek Flats & Viaduct teams + Providence + City Social Impact Consultant. Discussion of DVA draft Roundtable outcomes reporting, optimum forms of process input, and emerging topic of Food Systems, particularly as impacted by new arterial road options

May 10: DVA meeting with City Manager, Sadhu Johnston, outlining DVA Health & Well Being process, receiving encouragement for DVA to further pursue Food System impacts

June 1: DVA strategy session regarding synthesis of roundtable insights to date + development of process to further explore Food Systems impacts with respect to False Creek Flats & refinement of inputs for St Paul’s planning concepts.

June 6: DVA meeting with operators on Produce Row to discuss impact of the removal of the viaducts on Malkin Avenue.

June 15: DVA Workshop to develop graphic concepts and written summary of Roundtable thought process and recommendations for action

June 16: DVA represented at each of the two Roundtables held by City of Vancouver to preview the site planning concepts for the New St Paul’s Precinct in the False Creek Flats