DVA Metrocore Quilt: Roundtable Schedule

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04 Sep DVA Metrocore Quilt: Roundtable Schedule

With community in mind, the Downtown Vancouver Association (DVA) wants to canvas people from many backgrounds in order to ‘connect the dots’ on key urban issues. Our goal is to envision and enact a better working MetroCore for Vancouver. Our immediate aim is to identify a broadly shared vision to productively shape debate and then action on our regional mobility infrastructure. We are excited to present this MetroCore Quilting series as a way to forward the discussion by connecting the dots on transportation issues.

Below is the schedule of the DVA MetroCore Quilt Roundtables and related events. These workshops will bring together participants interested in various aspects of successful city building to explore the shared understanding between businesses and community organizations that can help us take effective action in improving transportation in Vancouver’s MetroCore, both as individuals and groups.

DVA Connecting the Dots



1 Housing & Affordability September 18
2 Public Spaces September 25
3 Vibrant Neighbourhoods October 2
4 Jobs and Innovation October 9
5 Community and Culture October 23
6 Health and Environment November 6
7 Transportation November 13
Roundtable Roundup November 25
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