DVA Supports Coalition Position on Transportation Referendum

Aberdeen Station (TransLink), Richmond, British Columbia

10 Dec DVA Supports Coalition Position on Transportation Referendum

The Downtown Vancouver Association (DVA) is pleased to endorse the following statement from of the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition’s support of the upcoming Transit Referendum:

One of the most important decisions facing Metro Vancouver for the next generation is the 2015 Referendum on transit, transportation, and goods and people movement. A positive outcome is a crucial step to expand transportation options, reduce pollution, improve the health of our communities, strengthen our economy, and help make this region a more affordable place to live.

This statement is in line with the DVA’s view that mobility must be considered as essential infrastructure.  It also reflects our official position on the transportation referendum.  This position was an outcome of the series of MetroCore Quilting Roundtables that we convened over the past few months to explore the prospect for a shared vision of transportation between the diverse range of business and professional interests represented within Vancouver’s Metrocore.

We have shared this position, and our supporting rationale with North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton, chair of the Mayors’Council on Transportation, as well as wioth TransLink and City of Vancouver staff.