Highlights from Roundtable 3: Vibrant Neighbourhoods

DVA Quilt board 3 - Vibrant Neighbourhoods

03 Oct Highlights from Roundtable 3: Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Connecting the Dots: Towards a Transportation Referendum…

Group #3On October 2, 2014, the DVA held its third in a series of seven Metrocore Quilting workshops (or roundtables) looking at the connection between transportation and some of the key components of successful city-making. The goal is to generate a “quilt” of insights leading to inform the development of a DVA advocacy strategy for the Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum, expected to be held in the spring of 2015.

…a vibrant neighbourhoods perspective

The October 2nd lunch event brought together participants involved in creating vibrant neighbourhoods to explore the shared understanding between residents, businesses, and community organizations that can help us take effective action in improving transportation in Vancouver’s Metrocore.


Here are some of the key findings from the event.:

Key Takeaways: Vibrant Neighbourhoods

DVA Sketch - Vibrant Neighbourhoods

  • How we get around and how we interact with our cities and neighbourhoods:
    • People first, not the mode.
    • Integration connecting transportation nodes that give people more choice;
    • Integrate activity/delivery/landuse;
    • We can’t build our way out of congestion by building roads everywhere.
  • Choice of active transportation modes:
    • Diversity;
    • Make waterfront an active destination.
  • Re-thinking governance to accommodate diversity of needs,rspectives and issues:
    • Need for dialogue between interests and to accommodate diversity of perspectives on issues.