Highlights from Roundtable 5: Community and Culture

DVA Quilt Board 5 - Community and Culture

24 Oct Highlights from Roundtable 5: Community and Culture

Connecting the Dots: Towards a Transportation Referendum…

DVA Workshop #5On October 23, 2014, the DVA held the fifth in a series of seven Metrocore Quilting workshops (or roundtables) looking at the connection between transportation and some of the key components of successful city-making. The goal is to generate a “quilt” of insights leading to inform the development of a DVA advocacy strategy for the Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum, expected to be held in the spring of 2015.

…a community and culture perspective

The October 23rd event brought together participants involved in community and culture to explore the shared understanding between residents, businesses, and community organizations that can help us take effective action in improving transportation in Vancouver’s Metrocore.

Here are some of the key findings from the event.:

Key Takeaways: Community and Culture

DVA Sketch - Community & Culture

  • Shift our transportation investment consistently &/or increasingly toward alternatives:
    • Prioritize the accessible city
    • Easy, seamless connections
    • Multi-modal
    • Downtown people mover
  • How do we create a MetroCore for everyone?
    • Moving people with efficiency and a positive experience;
    • small, public spaces;
    • connect Stanley Park;
    • Transit as shared space;
    • shared streets.
  • We need to make choices:
    • How do various modes of transportation co-exist and what is the right balance for delivery?
    • Ned to make balanced transportation choices
    • Policy and ‘big picture.’