Transportation Roundtable Emerging Theme: Innovative Rethinking

Innovative Rethinking

21 Nov Transportation Roundtable Emerging Theme: Innovative Rethinking

Throughout the seven roundtables, there were several ideas that resonated across groups. Out of these, we were able to identify three central themes.  Our third theme is the need for innovative rethinking of how our overall transportation system operates. This includes the rethinking our current systems of governance (including the radical question of “who owns…?”). It also involves enabling innovative and entrepreneurial activities to promote a nimble responses to emerging trends.

Here are some of the ideas that were shared around the need for innovative rethinking of our transportation system:

Roundtable 1: Housing and Affordability

  • Desire for new systems that break down divisions and barriers of thinking and innovation;
  • Pro-active vs reactive;
  • Allow input + change of control;
  • Diversity vs exclusivity.

Roundtable 2: Pubic Spaces

  • How do we create a resilience of an urban system;
  • How do we frame the impact + purpose of a complete transportation network?

Roundtable 3: Vibrant Neighbourhoods

  • Re-thinking governance to accommodate diversity of needs perspectives and issues.

Roundtable 4: Jobs and Innovation

  • Transportation as social policy;
  • Transportation enables community connectivity;
  • Technology drives transportation innovation, Inviting tech partners to participate in city building;
  • Making government entrepreneurial.

Roundtable 5: Community and Culture

  • We need to make choices;
  • How do various modes of transportation co-exist and what is the right balance for delivery?

Roundtable 6: Health and Environment

  • Flexible and intelligent leadership and regulation;
  • Learn from successful, smart world cities….don’t reinvent.

Roundtable 7: Transportation

  • Normalize ALL transportation modes by making them seem and be safe, accessible and conceivable for every person;
  • Respect for all travel modes.